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QCC Cage

QCC Cage

QCC Cage
QCC Cage QCC Cage
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The QCC cage is a simple way to produce a brood less time in the hive without removing the Queen.

The cage is best used around mid-summer, as any eggs laid after mid-summers day will not contribute to the current season’s crop gathering, and a lull in brood production is not of significant detriment to the colony at this time of the year.

The cage can be introduced to a central brood comb, by shaking off the bees and cutting away a block of brood just below the top bar (be careful of the wires when positioning the cage). Or you can position the cage on a frame with blank foundation and let the bees build around it as part of rotational comb refreshment, or as part of a Bailey or Shook swarm treatment.

So on or around mid-summer find the queen and put her in the box and shut the door so she can’t get out. As the box is too small to have comb built in it, there is nowhere the Queen can lay. The workers can still attend her, and because she is still in the heart of the colony the bees will not get the swarming or supersedure impulse as she is still present and pheromonally active. The Queen will go off lay.

The queen should be left “trapped” for around 30 days. At the end of this period you can apply one treatment of your choice to treat the proretic mites, as there will be no others hiding in the brood, as there is no brood.

The Queen can be released to resume her laying to build up the numbers of bees for winter. It was found if the Queen was trapped a lot longer than 30 days (i.e. 60 days) when the Queen was released the workers produced many Queen cells, possibly they felt the Queen was failing and this was too long to be without brood. Thirty days is naturally about the period the colony is without brood when swarming so acceptable to the bees?