Mating Hives

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Rainbow Mating Hive
These colourful queen mating boxes have identical internal dimensions to the Apidea hive at a fra..
Price: £12.00
Ex VAT: £10.00
Rainbow Mating Hive, FRAME ONLY
Frame for the Rainbow Mating Hive ..
Price: £0.60
Ex VAT: £0.50
Warnholz Mating Hive
Complete with top bars Assemble the mini-nuc with a strip of foundation only, no comb, in eac..
Price: £20.00
Ex VAT: £16.67
Warnholz Mating Hive - Top Bar Only
Spare top bars for Warnholz mating hive ..
Price: £0.31
Ex VAT: £0.26
CP Mating nuc
A great, affordable polystyrene mating nuc. Three plastic frames and removable feeding compar..
Price: £8.40
Ex VAT: £7.00
Micro Mating Hive
Made in Germany, this tiny nuc is simple to use, fewer bees are required, complete with adjustabl..
Price: £16.00
Ex VAT: £13.33
BiVo Box, with or without frames
A double polystyrene mating nuc with a difference. This hive is ingenious as it takes both BS and..
Price: £48.14
Ex VAT: £40.12
Langstroth Frame for BiVo Box
The Langstroth frame for use with the BiVo Box.   BiVo Box not included. ..
Price: £8.00
Ex VAT: £6.67
QRN - Queen Rearing Nuc - with plastic or wooden frames
A popular, European, Queen Rearing Nuc. Solid polystyrene construction with separate floor wi..
Price: £26.50
Ex VAT: £22.08
QRN Wooden or Plastic Frame ONLY
Wooden cross wired assembled frame for QRN or plastic half frame.   ..
Price: £2.60
Ex VAT: £2.17
QRN Feeder - Queen Rearing Nuc Feeder
A top feeder for the QRN. Clear plastic viewing cover, 2.5 litre capacity.   ..
Price: £13.75
Ex VAT: £11.46