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Press in Cage
Place over the queen whilst she is on the comb. Mark carefully through the threaded top. &nb..
Price: £7.00
Ex VAT: £5.83
Marking Cage with Plunger
Gentle way of holding the queen for marking and examination. Plastic mesh   ..
Price: £3.20 £2.00
Ex VAT: £1.67
One Handed Queen Catcher
Ingenious device. Place open end of chamber over queen and close flexible shutter. Use forefi..
Price: £8.00
Ex VAT: £6.67
Queen Catcher Plastic
For an undisturbed examination of the queen and also for introducing the queen and attendants int..
Price: £3.20 £2.00
Ex VAT: £1.67
Stainless Steel Clip Catcher
New stainless steel clip catcher. Press between thumb and forefinger to open the cage. Place ..
Price: £4.50
Ex VAT: £3.75
Clip Catcher
Press between thumb and forefinger to open the cage. Place over the comb and pick up the queen. I..
Price: £3.20 £2.00
Ex VAT: £1.67
Turn and Mark Cage
A nifty new device for marking your queen. Uses the plunger technique to move the queen down the ..
Price: £3.60 £2.00
Ex VAT: £1.67
Stainless steel tweezers with fine, angled tips. Suitable for removing eggs or larvae from cells...
Price: £1.00 £0.50
Ex VAT: £0.42
Queen Marking Pen - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or White
Water based, non toxic, non fade and quick drying. Very easy to apply. Will not dry out. Built in..
Price: £5.20
Ex VAT: £4.33
Queen Marking Paint Red/Yellow/White/Blue or Green
A quick drying non-toxic water based paint in the five international colours. Mark as follows:- ..
Price: £1.55
Ex VAT: £1.29
Queen Marking Kit
Five cards each with different colour discs marked 1-99. With applicator and glue. Used extensive..
Price: £24.00
Ex VAT: £20.00
Queen Marking Kit Glue only
Glue suitable for use with the queen marking kit. Bottle may vary to image shown ..
Price: £3.20
Ex VAT: £2.67
Magnetic Queen Marking Pen - Additional Discs - White/Yellow
Numbered discs for the magnetic queen catcher. 20 numbered discs.  Available in white, b..
Price: £25.70
Ex VAT: £21.42