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Polycarbonate Moulds

Strong, crystal clear plastic moulds from Switzerland.  A large range of designs produce excellent candles each time. The moulds are sized for use with paraffin wax.  If using beeswax the wick holes may have to be drilled a little larger.

Please note the wick sizes suggested are for use with beeswax.  Polycarbonate moulds are designed for paraffin wax and this type of candle may use a smaller wick.

Some moulds may need to have the holes enlarged when making beeswax candles to enable the wick to fit correctly.

 Instructions for Use

  • To help the candles release from the mould, rinse in soapy water and shake off the drops or spray with silicone.
  • Dip the correct size wick (wick should be slightly less in diameter than the diameter of the mould) into molten wax until all air bubbles have come out. Warm the mould gently by a fan heater.
  • Arrange the mould so that it is held vertically with the wick supported a few centimetres above the mould. Seal the wick where it exits the mould with plasticine or wax glue.
  • Pour the wax at about 75ºC. The hollow formed in the base as the wax cools can be filled with fresh wax.
  • When the candle is quite cool, remove it from the mould.  A sharp tap with the hand may help it or a spell in the freezer may encourage really stubborn ones.



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