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Tamper Evident Labels - L12 and L32

Tamper labels are not legally required but are strongly recommended when selling honey.  We have a variety of colours and styles to choose from, including double ended and clear labels.  Most can be overprinted with your details.

Labels are ordered in multiples of 100.  Quantities of over 500 or 1000 attract a significant price reduction per 100 labels.  To qualify for the reduction the labels must all be overprinted with the same information. Click label for details.

We also offer a bespoke tamper proof label service.  Send us your logo or image and we will print your unique tamper proof labels.


Filter Products

Filter Products


  • Blue anti-tamper labels
  • Transparent anti-tamper labels
  • Gold anti-tamper labels
  • Green anti-tamper labels
  • Pink/Purple anti-tamper labels
  • Red anti-tamper labels
  • White anti-tamper labels
  • Yellow anti-tamper labels


  • Anti-tamper label with bee design on hexagon
  • Anti-tamper label with no design on hexagon
  • Anti-tamper label with skep design on hexagon
  • Anti-tamper label with WBC hive bee design on hexagon

Number of Tails:

  • Double tail anti-tamper labels
  • Single tail anti-tamper labels
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