Chemical Treatment

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Apivar (10 strips), Lot: 190930, EXP 05/2021 - enough for 5 hives
For a useful Varroa Guide published by VetoPharma in January 2020 click here. The European Va..
Price: £31.00
Ex VAT: £25.83
Api-Bioxal, 35g, 175g or 350g Sachet
Oxalic based treatment against varroa. 4.2% solution.  Simply dissolve in syrup and tric..
Price: £13.00
Ex VAT: £10.83
Carbon Dioxide Varroa Tester
 Test for varroa without killing your bees. Take 200 bees from the brood body (Make ..
Price: £48.00
Ex VAT: £40.00
MAQS (2 Dose pack), 19-343-1, Exp 12/2020
MAQS Feedback This is the price per two dose pack - so will treat two hives.   MAQS..
Price: £15.00
Ex VAT: £12.50
This affordable, vaporiser requires a 12v battery, such as a car battery to provide the power to ..
Price: £35.00
Ex VAT: £29.17
Varrox Vaporiser
The most successful tool in use today for vaporising Api-BIoxal crystals.     Particula..
Price: £125.00
Ex VAT: £104.17
MAQS, Batch -  (treat 10 hives) - 19-343-1, Exp 12/2020
MAQS Feedback  MAQS® can be sent to the UK only.  Instructions must be followed. ..
Price: £55.00
Ex VAT: £45.83
Apistan pouch of 10 strips, BN1808284252, Exp 09/2021
Apistan is a slow release polymer strip formulation specifically designed for use in beehives for..
Price: £23.00
Ex VAT: £19.17
The APF-Plus Sublimox is a professional piece of quality equipment made in Italy. An inno..
Price: £390.00
Ex VAT: £325.00
12V DC Inverter
Clip the red cable to positive on the 12V battery and the black cable to negative. Plug the S..
Price: £36.00
Ex VAT: £30.00
Oxybee - Oxalic Acid Varroa Treatment - 1 litre - BN: 0080618, EXP: 06/2020
EXP June 2020.  When mixed this product will still last for 12 months in the fridge. Dis..
Price: £37.00
Ex VAT: £30.83
VarroMed - 555ml - BN: L19VM10A-B, EXP: 04/2021
VarroMed is the successor to the popular Hive Clean. Varromed is a liquid treatment which con..
Price: £30.00
Ex VAT: £25.00
Trickle 2 empty bottle
Use to trickle your Api-Bioxal solution.   Practice with water.  100ml. ..
Price: £1.20
Ex VAT: £1.00
Simple Syringe
A basic all plastic, large capacity syringe. 60ml.   ..
Price: £2.00
Ex VAT: £1.67
Comfort Syringe
50ml capacity. Comfortable to use. Clear acrylic tube. Very smooth action.   ..
Price: £8.50
Ex VAT: £7.08