Wax Straight Swap

No Cash Straight-Swap.  You give us the beeswax - we give you the foundation.

The tables below show exactly (to the nearest quarter of a sheet) how many sheets per pound we swap.

For example, you have 10lbs. beeswax to "straight swap". You will use the top table. You want some BS Deep Wired and some Section Squares. You can decide; maybe 4lbs BS Deep Wired (that will give you 15 sheets), that leaves 6lbs. for Section Squares (263 sheets).

We work out to the nearest sheet, always higher rather than lower. Your wallet stays closed!!

Most beekeepers bring the wax into one of our five stores, however we will also accept wax through the post. We also offer this wax exchange service at Bee Tradex, the Irish Convention, the Welsh Spring Convention, the BBKA Spring Convention and the National Honey Show.

Beeswax to Convert - Up to 50lbs.
Wired Unwired Thin Super
BS Deep 33/Sheets BS Deep 43/4 Sheets BS Deep 71/4 Sheets
BS Shallow 61/4 Sheets BS Shallow 81/2 Sheets BS Shallow 113/4 Sheets
Rose OSB
Rose OSB 43/4 Sheets    
Commercial Deep (16"x10") 3 Sheets Commercial Deep (16"x10") 31/2 Sheets Commercial Shallow (16"x6") 83/4 Sheets
Commercial Shallow (16"x6") 43/4 Sheets Commercial Shallow (16"x6") 53/4 Sheets Dadant Shallow 81/2 Sheets
Dadant Deep 21/4 Sheets Dadant Deep 3 Sheets Langs Shallow 91/4 Sheets
Dadant Shallow 43/4 Sheets Dadant Shallow 53/4 Sheets Section Squares 433/4 Sheets
Langs Deep 31/2 Sheets Langs Deep 41/4 Sheets 3 Section Length 153/4 Sheets
Langs Shallow 51/4 Sheets Langs Shallow 7 Sheets 4 Section Length 111/2 Sheets
14"x12" 21/4 Sheets 14"x12" 3 Sheets    


Beeswax to Convert - Over 51lbs.
Wired Unwired Thin Super
BS Deep 41/Sheets BS Deep 51/4 Sheets BS Deep 8 Sheets
BS Shallow 63/4 Sheets BS Shallow 91/4 Sheets BS Shallow 13 Sheets
Commercial Deep (16"x10") 31/4 Sheets Commercial Deep (16"x10") 4 Sheets Commercial Shallow (16"x6") 10 Sheets
Commercial Shallow (16"x6") 5 Sheets Commercial Shallow (16"x6") 61/2 Sheets Dadant Shallow 91/4 Sheets
Dadant Deep 21/2 Sheets Dadant Deep 31/4 Sheets Langs Shallow 101/2 Sheets
Dadant Shallow 5 Sheets Dadant Shallow 61/2 Sheets Section Squares 491/2 Sheets
Langs Deep 33/4 Sheets Langs Deep 41/2 Sheets 3 Section Length 163/4 Sheets
Langs Shallow 6 Sheets Langs Shallow 8 Sheets 4 Section Length 13 Sheets
14"x12" 21/2 Sheets 14"x12" 31/4 Sheets    


If you have excess clean beeswax, we will buy it, either against purchase of goods or outright.

Against purchase of goods, kg £3.50
Outright purchase, kg £2.25


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