BBKA Guide to Beekeeping (Dr Ivor Davis and Roger Cullum-Kenyon)

BBKA Guide to Beekeeping (Dr Ivor Davis and Roger Cullum-Kenyon)
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Ivor Davis & Roger Cullum-Kenyon    UK   216 pages   Softback, 2nd Edition

This new book (now second edition) is directed at those in the early stages of their beekeeping careers and is the first book to be endorsed by the BBKA. Beautifully laid-out, copiously illustrated, bang up-to-date and comprehensive whilst avoiding confusing information overload, it should be on the bookshelf of every beekeeper.

Over ten chapters and 216 pages, the reader is taken through the colony, hive types, history of the bee, the beekeeping year. BBKA Guide to Beekeeping gives special attention to the queen, swarming, bee health, plants, hive products and when that’s all done, tells you how to get started. The approach is informative rather than opinionated, a book both to read from cover to cover or dip into at will.

It will also take the reader on to competence for the Basic Assessment too.

2nd edition will be available 15th August.