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Wax Conversion

The beeswax conversion system provides a lb. per lb. exchange of crude wax into refined foundation. The beekeeper pays for this on a lb. rate to which we add a wiring charge if necessary.

We also provide a straight swap - the beekeeper provides the wax and we swap it for Premier Foundation, wired or unwired. No cash exchanges hands.

Most beekeepers bring the wax into one of our four stores, however we will also accept wax through the post. We also offer this wax exchange service at the Irish Convention, the Welsh Spring Convention, the BBKA Spring Convention and the National Honey Show.

Beeswax Conversion  
Up to 25kg/55lbs per pound £1.67
over 25kgs/55lbs per pound £1.18
Wiring Shallow Foundation, 10 sheets £1.08
Wiring BS, OSB, Langs, Commercial Deep, 10 sheets £1.27
Wiring Dadant Deep & 14"x12", 10 sheets £1.93
Approximate number of sheets per 1lb.
British Standard Shallow 14
British Standard Deep 8
Rose OSB 8
British Standard Shallow Thin Super 20
British Standard Deep Thin Super 12
Commercial Deep 6
Commercial Shallow 10
Commercial Thin Super 15
Dadant Deep 5
Dadant Shallow 10
Dadant Thin Super 14
Langstroth Deep 7
Langstroth Shallow 12
Langstroth Thin Super 16
14"x12" 5
Section Squares 75
3 Section Length 25
4 Section Length 20


If you have excess clean beeswax, we will buy it, either against purchase of goods or outright.

Against purchase of goods, kg £3.50
Outright purchase, kg £2.25


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