Cloake Board, National/Commercial or WBC

Cloake Board, National/Commercial or WBC
Cloake Board, National/Commercial or WBC
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The Cloake Board is used to split and populate a colony ready for queen rearing. Invented by New Zealand beekeeper Harry Cloake and now used extensively all over the world.

Step 1: A double brood colony is selected and the bottom box (containing the Queen) is put back onto the floor reversed, so the entrance is at the opposite site of the hive, this entrance is then closed. The Cloake board is placed on top of the lower brood body (without the floor slide in place) acting as a queen excluder, confining the queen to the bottom box. The bees from both boxes use the upper entrance.

Step 2: The floor slide is slid into the board separating the two brood boxes. The lower rear entrance is opened. This causes all the flying bees to return to and populate the upper box. The upper box is left for 24 hours so they can determine that they are queenless, and prepare to raise a new queen. The Queen in the lower chamber can be used with a Jenter or Cupkit frame to supply eggs of known age for the next step.

Step 3: Grafted cells are installed in the upper box. Any emergency cells are removed. Within 2-3 days the grafted cells are accepted and are started, and built up.

Step 4: Reunite the colony as a “Finisher”, by removing the floor slider from the Cloake board. The queen excluder will prevent the queen from interfering with the new Queen Cells. One the upper box starts on the new Queen Cells they will continue to maturity. The Queens cells will need to be transferred to nucleus colonies before they hatch.

National/Commercial or WBC size only