Adapta Eke - Clearer Board with Porter Bee Escapes

Adapta Eke - Clearer Board with Porter Bee Escapes
Adapta Eke - Clearer Board with Porter Bee Escapes
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Clearer Board with two porter escapes - to fit the Adapta Eke

Following on from the success of the Adapta Stand we have developed this multi-purpose eke. The eke has a variety of ledges that hold different boards depending on what manipulation you are carrying out with your bees at the time. It is 70 mm deep so can be a feeder eke or Apiguard Rim.

The green ledge will take your choice of plywood clearer board with either....

  • Two Porter Escapes
  • Canadian Cone Escapes
  • Rhombus Escape
  • Circular Escape

Mesh Rhombus Board. This escape will keep honey supers warm to assist with uncapping and extraction, with heat rising directly from the brood nest through the galvanised mesh.

The red ledge will take our new Mesh Feeder Board. Working on the same principle as the Mesh Rhombus Board, any syrup feeder placed on this board will benefit from the heat generated by the brood nest and be more appealing and accessible to the bees.

By turning the Adapta Eke over the blue ledge will take a travelling screen or clear polycarbonate viewing window with rubber seal.

By removing the shaped galvanised closure (held in place by magnets) a 90x15mm entrance is formed. Through here it is possible to fit most makes of vaporiser. Vaporising Oxalic Acid treatments from above is becoming more and more popular. The fumes readily disperse through the hive and you can see what you are doing through the viewing window, therefore negating the risk of setting the hive alight!

NB always wear protective clothing, mask, goggles and gloves when vaporising Oxalic Acid treatments.

The Adapta Eke can also be an upper entrance, useful if there are several supers on the hive and by adding a queen excluder it can be used for a Bailey Comb Change.

See video below showing how to use the Adapta Eke.