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Asian Hornet

The best equipment on the market to deal with Asian Hornets. Including guards, traps, baits and lures.

If you see an Asian Hornet

Notify the Great Britain Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) immediately. In the first instance sightings should be reported through the free Asian Hornet Watch App. Available for Android and iPhone.


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Filter Products

Hive Part:

  • All types of entrance fittings for the hive

Product Type:

  • All shapes and sizes of asian hornet trap
  • Books on Asian Hornets
  • Baits or lure for asian hornets
  • Guards and muzzles to combat asian hornets
  • Larger for asian hornets
  • Labels advising of asian hornets
  • Other miscellaneous equipment for asian hornets
  • Monitoring trap for the asian hornet
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