Chemical Treatment

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5 ml Basic Syringe pair
Sold in pairs. Each full syringe will be enough to trickle one seam of bees. Quite often beekeepe..
Price: £1.40
Ex VAT: £1.17
Safety Kit
A must for your personal protection when handling oxalic acid. Each kit contains 1 pair industria..
Price: £23.00
Ex VAT: £19.17
Varroa EasyCheck
Varroa EasyCheck is an essential new labour-saving tool for beekeepers who want to monitor Varroa..
Price: £20.50
Ex VAT: £17.08
Honey Bee Disease Identification Cards
A really handy disease identification tool. A set of 11 double sided reference cards showing ..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £5.00