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Carbon Dioxide Varroa Tester
 Test for varroa without killing your bees. Take 200 bees from the brood body (Make ..
Price: £55.00
Ex VAT: £45.83
Open Mesh Floor (Assembled Only) - all hive types
More and more beekeepers are convinced that the use of the Open Mesh floor is beneficial to t..
Price: £44.86
Ex VAT: £37.38
Replacement CO2 Cartridge for Carbon Dioxide Varroa Tester
Replacement cartridge for CO2 carbon dioxide tester. 16g. ..
Price: £1.50
Ex VAT: £1.25
Bee Gym - SLIM (pack of three)
It’s a simplified version of the Bee Gym that fits into bee space, lying on top of the brood fram..
Price: £12.50
Ex VAT: £10.42
Bee Gym
A chemical free grooming aid for honeybees.  It has wires and flippers which dislodge varroa..
Price: £15.50
Ex VAT: £12.92
Wire excluder Frame Trap  - all brood frame sizes available.
New and improved brood frame trap for bio-technical varroa control. 1. Confine the queen on an ..
Price: £67.85
Ex VAT: £56.54
WBC Varroa Floor
This floor provides good ventilation for the colony with a removable steel tray under a galvanise..
Price: £108.80
Ex VAT: £90.67
Expanded Galvanised Mesh 12" x 12" or 18" x 18"
0.7mm thick galvanised steel expanded to form a diamond pattern giving a mesh size of 5x3mm. Can ..
Price: £3.00
Ex VAT: £2.50
Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh 12" x 12" or 18" x 18"
Acid resistant, strong and rigid mesh for those wishing to make their own floors or screens. Can ..
Price: £11.35
Ex VAT: £9.46
Varroa EasyCheck
Varroa EasyCheck is an essential labour-saving tool for beekeepers who want to monitor varroa mit..
Price: £21.00
Ex VAT: £17.50