Keeping Bees without Fuss or Chemicals

Keeping Bees without Fuss or Chemicals
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Keep Bees without Fuss or Chemicals

Joe Bleasdale UK 54 pages Softback

It is the authors view that weak colonies can be attributed to the use of chemicals and medicines in the hive, combined with unnecessary manipulation and disturbance of the brood.

This book gives the guiding principles and the step-by-step descriptions of the essential operations for efficient beekeeping. There are many practices that are described in other books and journals on beekeeping that are not covered, because the author considers them to be fussy and unnecessary.  A hive of bees should be thought of as a single organism and its integrity not assailed by fiddling operations.

Joe Bleasdale is a retired systems engineer and has kept bees for over 30 years in the counties of Hampsire and Somerset. He also gardens and makes cider from his little orchard. He is married, with two grown up children. He is a member of the Somerset branch of the BBKA and lives in Brewham.