Guide to Bees and Honey - Fifth Edition

Guide to Bees and Honey - Fifth Edition
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Ted Hooper    UK    272 pages   Softback

It is incredibly important that the prospective beekeeper makes an attempt to get to know about handling bees before purchasing their first colony.

This must have book (first published in 1976) is the ideal guide for anyone wanting to start beekeeping and is a revered reference book for experienced beekeepers.  It contains information on all you need to know including how to avoid swarms, planning requeening and providing the colony with winter stores.

This updated edition also includes some pointers towards the running of a larger apiary, for people who have expanded to more than a couple of hives.

Hooper was born at Colyton, in Devon, but lived and kept bees for most of his life in Essex. He worked for Writtle Agricultural College and held a National Diploma in Beekeeping.