Universal Heavy Duty Electric Radial Extractor

Universal Heavy Duty Electric Radial Extractor
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Size (L x W x H): 0.00mm x 457.00mm x 737.00mm
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The Universal range of extractors has been on the market for over 30 years and is still as popular as ever. There is a choice of drives; electric or manual. A choice of barrels, lightweight or heavy duty polythene. A choice of cage: radial or tangential. Making therefore a total of eight models to choose from. The largest range of British extractors.

The polythene barrels are food grade quality (we recommend the lightweight is stored in a UV frost-free environment). Both types have integral handles.  The manual machines are highly geared, very easy to use and extremely robust. The electric machines are powered by an 80W reversible motor producing a maximum speed of 280rpm through a 10:1 reduction gearbox. The polythene models are fitted with the 1 11/2 nylon valves and the stainless steel with a chromed brass valve. All have two piece lids which we recommend are kept in place when the machine is being used. Allen key provided to assist in cage removal.

Extremely robust polythene makes this model the choice of many associations. It is not susceptible to frost or UV light. Capacity for honey under the cage is 80 lbs. Can now be supplied with an optional stand which raises the machine 12" off the ground.
The radial cage holds nine B.S. or Langstroth shallow, six OSB, Commercial (16" x 6") or Dadant shallow, or six Manley frames of any size. This cage will only take brood frames when screens are fitted.
Overall height 29"; diameter 18".