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Carbon Dioxide Varroa Tester
 Test for varroa without killing your bees. Take 200 bees from the brood body (Make ..
Price: £48.00
Ex VAT: £40.00
HyfeGate (formerly HiveGate) - Protect against wasps
HyfeGate is an attachment that is fitted inside a full beehive and extends the defendable pa..
Price: £10.99
Ex VAT: £9.16
Hive Intrance
The Upstairs Downstairs Intrance (internal entrance) gives the bees the ability to effectively de..
Price: £24.00
Ex VAT: £20.00
VarroMed - 555ml - L20VM02A-B, EXP 07/22
VarroMed is the successor to the popular Hive Clean. Varromed is a liquid treatment which con..
Price: £30.00
Ex VAT: £25.00
Bee Strong, 250ml
Bee Strong is a bee feed that contains purified proteins.  These proteins have been proven t..
Price: £25.00
Ex VAT: £20.83
B-keep. Remotely monitor your hives
B-keep is an affordable hive monitoring system.  To check the coverage of your apiary go to ..
Price: £100.00
Ex VAT: £83.33
B-swarm. Online ant-theft device
B-swarm is an online anti theft device to protect your hives.  To check the coverage of your..
Price: £115.00
Ex VAT: £95.83