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Konigin 200kg Heated Stainless Steel Honey Tank (TT-F-200) - choose Delivery (£923) or Collection (£873)
Holds 200kg of honey.  Heated Sloping base. Water Jacketed. Stainless ..
Price: £923.00
Ex VAT: £769.17
Konigin 100kg Stainless Steel Honey Tank (K-100)
Holds 100kg of honey. Sloping Base Stainless steel valve Carrying handles ..
Price: £159.60
Ex VAT: £133.00
Uncapping Ledge - compatible only with the 20 litre bucket and three strainers
An incredibly simple Uncapping Ledge which will fit the 20 litre bucket and three strainers. ..
Price: £6.00
Ex VAT: £5.00
Uncapping Tank, two station (FK-95-2) - Konigin - choose Delivery (£490) or Collection (£440)
Two station uncapping tank. Sloping base Stainless steel drain valve Frame re..
Price: £490.00
Ex VAT: £408.33
Uncapping Slice, narrow or wide
The new uncapping slice neatly removes cappings in one swift motion.  Simply pull the slice ..
Price: £6.25
Ex VAT: £5.21
Bucket Rest
A version of our popular pouring aid. This simple rest fits neatly on to our 40kg tank. ..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £4.17
Uncapping Fork  - Hooked - UF6
A heavy duty precision uncapping tool.  The tines are cranked and have a small 90 degree ben..
Price: £18.95
Ex VAT: £15.79
Cappings Scratcher
A handy tool with straight tines that bend at a 90 degree angle (length of bend - 10mm) Ideal..
Price: £8.75
Ex VAT: £7.29
Caillas Uncapping Machine
Uncap any type of frame quickly and easily with this Caillas Uncapping Machine made by Thomas Api..
Price: £1,655.38
Ex VAT: £1,379.48
Konigin 50kg wax screw press (MV-CS-50) - choose Delivery (£2393.60) or Collection (£2343.60)
Ideally used with the semi automatic uncapping machine. 550w  motor Stainles..
Price: £2,443.60
Ex VAT: £2,036.33
Scrap Wax Shovel
A useful tool to scrape wax from top bars etc and remove any brace comb. ..
Price: £3.00
Ex VAT: £2.50
Konigin 12 Frame Electric Radial Extractor (63-12-RG) - choose Delivery (£745) or Collection (£695)
Extractors are constructed in 0.7mm stainless steel with a stainless steel valve welded to the ta..
Price: £745.00
Ex VAT: £620.83
20 litre bucket with valve and three strainers
Plastic bucket with valve and three strainers. Holds 20 litres.  Complete with a plastic..
Price: £36.00
Ex VAT: £30.00
Konigin Uncapping and Extraction Line
Price: £15,000.00
Ex VAT: £12,500.00