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The Perils of Blossom & Basil

The Perils of Blossom & Basil
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Rebecca Buxton UK 96 pages Softback

Why are bees so important? Bees help us to grow plants, fruit and vegetables through pollination and also produce nutritious honey. Our bees are struggling to survive.
Blossom is a worker bee. She lives in a hive with a very selfish and lazy queen. The old queen is so uncaring about the colony that the hive soon runs into trouble. The honey stores will not be enough to last the winter. Everyone has to work harder and the queen threatens to make some of the bees leave the hive. Blossom is determined to save her friends. She sets off in the middle of the night on an adventure to find new flowers, making a friend along the way, and finding danger at every turn! Have fun colouring in the pictures, finding out about bees and seeing if you can solve the puzzles at the end of the story. There are some activities for you to enjoy too.
Rebecca Buxton is a young woman from Nottingham who is very interested in nature, illustration and education.  Rebecca is profoundly deaf and dyslexic. Her main language is British Sign Language.