Queen Rearing Frames & Accessories

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Queen Rearing Frame (and optional clip-on cell cups and hair roller cages)
A special frame for Queen Rearing. Two removable oak bars make attaching the cell cups a simp..
Price: £7.00
Ex VAT: £5.83
Desk Top Loupe
Flexible Loupes to aid in grafting/analysis/identification The desk top loupe has a heavy bas..
Price: £23.00
Ex VAT: £19.17
Super Loupe Deluxe
The new Super Loupe Deluxe is an improvement on the old super loupes. The illuminated headban..
Price: £26.50
Ex VAT: £22.08
Clip-On Loupe
Flexible Loupes to aid in grafting/analysis/identification. The clip-on loupe has a lens diam..
Price: £14.00
Ex VAT: £11.67
Cloake Board, National/Commercial or WBC
The Cloake Board is used to split and populate a colony ready for queen rearing. Invented by New ..
Price: £41.20
Ex VAT: £34.33
Push In Cell Protectors, 10 or 100
  For securing and protecting queen cells on to drawn comb.   Available in ..
Price: £6.00
Ex VAT: £5.00
Cell Protector
Prevent the bees from tearing down a 'ripe' queen cell and fix to comb with wire spike. The tin s..
Price: £3.00
Ex VAT: £2.50
Top Bar Cell Protectors, 10 or 100
Lugs on both sides means you can protect the queen cell and hang it vertically between frames. ..
Price: £7.50
Ex VAT: £6.25
ICE Torch
An intensely bright LED torch. This torch is very useful for confirming newly laid eggs in cells...
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £4.17
Wood Cell Cups x 10
The traditional queen rearing cups. For use with a nursery frame and cages. Flat tops for smearin..
Price: £4.10
Ex VAT: £3.42
A shaped piece of hardwood which is used for forming a wax cup in the base of the wooden cell cup..
Price: £0.55
Ex VAT: £0.46
Individual Nursery Cage
Nursery cage to fit the nursery frame ..
Price: £3.00
Ex VAT: £2.50
Wax Cell Cup Mould
Simple and efficient method of producing wax cell cups. Readily accepted by the bees. Pour molten..
Price: £21.00
Ex VAT: £17.50
Nursery Frame  - all frame sizes available
Made in all sizes. The National holds sixteen cages, Langstroth twenty, Dadant -thirty and Commer..
Price: £41.60
Ex VAT: £34.67
TempQueen, pack of 5
Improve queen rearing success, hold queenless splits and nuclei or use as a tempoary queen replac..
Price: £13.00
Ex VAT: £10.83