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Serve liquid honey without the drips. Discounts available when buying in quantity.  ..
Price: £0.30
Ex VAT: £0.25
B D Grading Glasses - Pair
National Honey Show approved pair of grading glasses. Complete with a protective wallet. &nbs..
Price: £32.00
Ex VAT: £26.67
Show Case, different frame sizes available
Made in clear pine, suitable for showing a fully drawn frame. Slots for glazing. (Glass not suppl..
Price: £31.60
Ex VAT: £26.33
Section Showcase
A stiff white cardboard box with perspex panels on both sides for showing sections. Conforms to N..
Price: £10.50
Ex VAT: £8.75
Honey For Sale Sign
A great new addition to our selling range of products.  This square sign has a bright vibran..
Price: £11.00
Ex VAT: £9.17
Classic Honey For Sale Sign - White, Red or Yellow
A classic, simple Honey For Sale sign.  Available in White, Red or Yellow. Made from wea..
Price: £13.70
Ex VAT: £11.42
Local Honey for Sale Sign Hexagonal
A pressure sensitive plastic sign for use on glass. 8" across point to point. ..
Price: £2.50
Ex VAT: £2.08
Jar Honey Sign
Eye catching self cling on sign, suitable for windows to face outwards. ..
Price: £2.50 £2.00
Ex VAT: £1.67
Honey for Sale Sign Self Adhesive
Similar in design to Plastic Honey Sign but on self adhesive vinyl. 20 1/2" x 6" ..
Price: £6.00
Ex VAT: £5.00
Honey for Sale Sign Timber
An attractive timber sign with a 3D WBC hive in profile. Yellow vinyl weatherproof letters on eac..
Price: £32.70
Ex VAT: £27.25
Honey Taster
A 5" long glass rod with paddle and ball end suitable for use when tasting or judging honey. ..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £4.17
Trilby Show Steward/Judges Hat Small/Medium/Large
Complete your judging or stewarding apparel with these lightweight, washable and hygenic trilby's..
Price: £20.00
Ex VAT: £16.67
Refractometer - Illuminated
Test the water content of your honey with this accurate and inexpensive refractometer. These ..
Price: £40.00
Ex VAT: £33.33
Digital Refractometer
A reliable electronic digital refractometer. Very easy to use, lightweight and compact. Compl..
Price: £180.00
Ex VAT: £150.00
Catering Comb Holder
The demand for pure, quality home produced honey has never been greater. To assist in marketing t..
Price: £70.00 £55.00
Ex VAT: £45.83