Wasp Out, National Hive - Three Sizes Available

Wasp Out, National Hive - Three Sizes Available
Wasp Out, National Hive - Three Sizes Available Wasp Out, National Hive - Three Sizes Available
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Wasp Out - a simple entrance block to help prevent robbing. 

We have three block lengths available

  • 405mm long and fits a standard open mesh floor
  • 413mm long and fits a budget open mesh floor
  • 419mm and fits a solid National floor. 

The blocks can be trimmed to fit other entrance sizes.

See video below showing how to correctly fit a Wasp Out

The text below is written by the inventor.

Inventors Experience

Three years ago I had three single brood, colonies on a private estate near Ampney Crucis and three on my home apiary.

Having taken all usual wasp precautions, jam jar traps and hanging traps I still lost two at the private estate and one at home.

I overheard two experienced beekeepers discussing the wasp issue and one said wasps don’t like tubes. Following this I wondered how I could create an entrance block that resembled a tube.

By the beginning of the 2015 season I had created the Wasp Out prototype but having no idea whether it would work, I showed a fellow beekeeper in Cirencester the prototype, and he made six, with my agreement, for one of his apiaries.

I made five for my own use for last season. None of the hives on either apiary were predated by wasps. What we did find was that the jam traps filled up more quickly with wasps, leaving us to believe that wasps could not find their way in to the hives and chose the traps instead.

This was repeated throughout this last season in both apiaries with the same results.

Following discussions with Thornes I adapted the wasp out using a ‘flat’ tube and have had them in use every since.

This year they have recently been placed on an 8 colony apiary on another private estate with the same results.