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Bee Cozy

Bee Cozy
Bee Cozy Bee Cozy
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The Bee Cozy Winter Hive Wraps™ are made with recycled high density materials layered with insulation to reduce heat loss from the hive.  The cozy also comes complete with an insulated pad which fits on top of the crownboard, under the roof.

Easy to work with, the Bee Cozy slip-on-slip off process saves you valuable time getting ready for winter, and can simply be pulled over various hive styles and configurations.

The Bee Cozys are designed for a Langstoth hive but also fit snuggly around a National Hive.

We would recommend two people are available when fitting the Bee Cozy to National hives - just because of the snug fit.

If you are overwintering on a standard National brood body the wrap should be pulled up tightly around the bottom of the roof, but do not obstruct the roof vents.  If you are overwintering on a 14"x12" brood body then the wrap fits snuggly around the brood body.

The instructions state an additional upper entrance must be used for adequate ventilation.  Unlike hives in Canada and the US we have ventilated roofs so an upper entrance is not necessary.

The cozy must be used with care and a nail may be needed to stop the entrance from being blocked.



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