Oxybee - Oxalic Acid Varroa Treatment - 1 litre - BN: 010121, EXP: 01/2023

Oxybee - Oxalic Acid Varroa Treatment - 1 litre - BN: 010121, EXP: 01/2023
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When mixed this product will still last for 12 months in the fridge.

Distributed by the French pharmaceutical company Véto-Pharma, Oxybee is an easy and organic way to apply oxalic acid during broodless periods for the treatment of varroa.

Oxybee comes with two sachets of powder containing essential oils and sugar as well as a bottle of oxalic acid and glycerol. Initial studies show that the glycerol increases the adherence of oxalic acid to the bees which improves dissemination throughout the colony.   Glycerol also increases the hygroscopy (the ability to retain water) which means the solution is retained for longer ion the colony.  Field data has shown that the efficacy of Oxybee is higher than standard formulations of oxalic acid and sucrose.

The powder and oxalic acid should be mixed together and then applied with a trickle 2 bottle or syringe between the frames occupied by bees. Depending on the number of seams of bees, the litre of Oxybee will treat between 20 and 30 hives.

Unlike other oxalic acid treatments, Oxybee has a long shelf life even after being made up. From the date of manufacture it will last for 24 months and once made up, it can be left for up to a year in the fridge. There is no withdrawal period which means there is no mandatory waiting time between applying Oxybee and using honey for consumption.

Oxybee should only be applied to brood-free colonies. Use at the end of autum or in winter, when the queen stops laying and the bees form a winter cluster. If there is always brood present, you will have to create a brood break and this can be achieved by caging the queen for 25 days, completely removing the brood or by splitting the colony.

Ideal to use with a Trickle 2 bottle.


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See short video below to see how Oxybee is prepared and administered.

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