Sustainable Hive Insulation (SHINS) - National Brood Body DN4

Sustainable Hive Insulation (SHINS) - National Brood Body DN4
Sustainable Hive Insulation (SHINS) - National Brood Body DN4
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We are well known for our green credentials. We use all our wood waste to either heat our factory via a biomass furnace, manufacturing briquettes for wood burning stoves or even making garden mulch. We also recycle card board for loose fill packaging in our parcels.

We are therefore pleased to introduce insulation for your hive, made from sustainable material.

SHINS is made from cork which is known as a highly efficient insulator in the construction industry.  It has a thermal conductivity rating of 0.039 W/m.K.  Expanded polystyrene foam, used extensively in polystyrene hives is 0.03 W/m.K

SHINS are available in three sizes to suit National Hives: National Super, National Brood and 14x12 Brood. Each kit contains two appropriately sized frames and shaped CORK insert that fits snugly between the locking bars.

These inserts are held in place with a large rubber band, big enough to fit around the entire hive.

The SHINS frames are based around a standard Hoffman frame with insulation inserted rather than foundation. These frames are beeswax coated. Remove one outside frame from the box you are insulating and place two SHINS, one on each side, of the remaining frames. You overwinter therefore with ten conventional frames and two SHINS.

Do not place the wax covered, frames in the hive too early in the season or the bees may try to work the frames.  Only place them in the hive when you are feeding and the chance of comb building is over.

Available in three sizes.  To fit a National super with SN4 frames, a National brood body with DN4 frames and a National 14"x12" brood body.