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Noel Sweeney  UK    343 pages   Softback

Bees-at-Law analyses the role of the most important animal on the planet.

Though they may waggle-dance and play away at their rituals within the code of the law of nature, bees can become the object of and subject to our law. When people earn their livelihood amid the increasing noise of their neighbourhood, bees are often caught in the net of negligence and nuisance claims that are then tried in a humming courtroom.

How these animal architects survive as they build their hives and lives is examined through the cases of the United Kingdom and the main common law countries of the world.

Bees-at-Law considers the role of bees gauged by the duty and responsibility their owners and beekeepers owe to other people. Each has an equal place in a legal system that values the parties and their victims. There is a unique discussion on how protecting bees by law affects our future.

The power of an owner to recapture his bees in trees resonates with our legal principles in action. For a swarm of bees can create their own chime as a mime of a modern canary in the coal mine. Though small in size the rise in their fall mirrors the health of our planet as bees are a loadstar for our law.

A guide and reference for keepers and vets and workers within the world of bees.