WBC Hive Complete, Assembled, Exterior Oiled

WBC Hive Complete, Assembled, Exterior Oiled
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Size (L x W x H): 543.00mm x 543.00mm x 850.00mm
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Manufactured at Rand from Western Red Cedar and treated with Exterior Oil. The Classic Cottage Garden hive, admired by beekeepers worldwide for its attractive and stable design. This double walled hive offers great protection against the weather. A stunning focal point for any garden, large or small. 

The complete WBC Hive is supplied ready assembled

  • Varroa Mesh floor
  • One lift with porch and two additional lifts
  • Entrance slides
  • Brood body with 10 DN1 or DN4 frames with wired premier foundation
  • Plastic dummy board
  • Wire queen excluder
  • Two supers with 8 SN1 frames on castellations with wired premier foundation. Or choose 10 x SN1 or 11 x SN4.
  • Crownboard with two plastic porter bee escapes
  • Roof
  • Getting Started booklet

The video below shows how to build your hive once all the parts have been assembled.