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Swarming, Its Control & Prevention

Swarming, Its Control & Prevention
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L.E. Snelgrove    UK   110 pages   Softback, 18th Edition, Sept 2012, first published in 1934

The problem of controlling and preventing the swarming of bees has exercised men’s minds ever since bees were first kept in hives. The invention of moveable combs, which greatly increased the possibility of control, in some respects intensified the problem.

This book successfully covers the interlinked subjects of swarm control and swarm prevention and contains pages of practical advice.  The board he invented in the 1920s is still used widely today.

L.E. Snelgrove spent ten years studying swarm control.  He practised his own method successfully during the 1930s and was persuaded to write a detailed description of his method


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