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Refractometer - Illuminated

Refractometer - Illuminated
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Size (L x W x H): 205.00mm x 75.00mm x 54.00mm
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Test the water content of your honey with this accurate and inexpensive refractometer from China.

These new, lightweight, refractometers besides being great value for money also incorporate a small light.

This makes reading the scale much easier.

Ready calibrated. Simply smear a drop of honey on the prism and look through the eyepiece towards the light.

You will see 3 scales. Read off the figure against the right hand scale where the light meets the dark, this is the percentage of water present in the honey. Ignore the other two scales.

The dimensions of the case are 205mm x 75mm x 54mm

An aid to calibration. Using medicinal liquid paraffin smear a small amount on the prism. This should calibrate to 24.5% on the water scale. Once the refractomter is set/adjusted to this figure all honey samples will also show the correct water content