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Easi-steam (all hive types available)

Easi-steam (all hive types available)
Easi-steam (all hive types available)
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Size (L x W x H): 465.00mm x 465.00mm x 93.00mm
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Now available in WBC size.  WBC easi-steam comes complete with an assembled solid floor.  Please note the WBC eke will not fit flush with the bottom of the brood body (because of the difference in thickness of wood)

This steam extractor is definitely a winner, especially as the ‘messy’ bit can be outside in the open.

An electric steam generator (4.5 litre capacity, 2200W. cable length is 1.5m) is attached to a steel cover via a steam hose (3m in length). This cover fits snugly over a brood box (not supplied). The steel tray and grid are placed on a solid floor (not supplied) and the wooden eke placed on top of the floor.  New and improved generator, now with thermal cut out. Please note, the Easi Steam will not fit into an Open Mesh Floor.

Place a suitable receptacle next to the outlet (e.g. old bucket feeder or ice cream container). Switch on the steam generator and wait.
After about 20 minutes wax and water will run out of the front of the hive. Leave to settle and cool. The wax will float on top of the water produced by the condensed steam.
Switch off generator and carefully remove steel cover. In the hive you will find completely empty frames apart from some cocoon that has lodged on the frame bottom bars and of course the wire from the foundation. The majority of the cocoon will be on the mesh base and can be discarded. The frames are totally free of wax, all that remains is the propolis. The Easi-steam has not only extracted the wax from the old comb (approx. 90% by our calculations) but it has also cleaned the frames and the brood box. Temperature reached in the brood box using this method is approx. 105ºC
The beekeeper can use a different floor and brood box every time this process is used or have dedicated equipment for the application. The steam generator is also available separately.

All sizes available.

NB Plastic runners will distort if left in place.

For full instructions click here.

See below for a Youtube video showing the easi-steam in operation.