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Queen Rearing - Snelgrove

Queen Rearing - Snelgrove
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L.E. Snelgrove UK 344 pages, 3rd Edition (1966), Softback

The value of bees in relation to a nation’s food supply is being increasingly recognised. As honey producers they provide delectable and wholesome sweet honey and the wax they secrete is inimitable and unexcelled. It is however in their work of pollination that their chief value lies.

Chapters: Importance of queen rearing, Queen rearing in nature, life history of a queen, Brood food and royal jelly, Drones, Varieties of honey bees, Heredity in bees, Utilisation of natural queen cells, Utilisation of supersedure queen cells, Emergency queen cells, Dequeening, Eggs or larvae for queen rearing, Starting queen cells, Artificial queen cells, Cell completing stock, The Barbeau method, Using one strong stock for queen cells, Nuclei, Queen mating apiary, Introducing queens.