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National Happy Keeper Floor

National Happy Keeper Floor
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Size (L x W x H): 460.00mm x 460.00mm x 49.00mm
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Straight from Apimondia in Slovenia in 2003. This is a revolutionary self cleaning floor. Suitable for National hives with 12 brood frames spaced at 35mm (DN4 Hoffman) or 11 DN4 and a dummy board.

Not suitable for a hive with frames spaced on narrow plastic or metal ends as each frame must have a tube directly below it. This cannot be achieved with a 36.5mm (1 7/16") spacing.

As the bees groom themselves, lose bits of wax or propolis and of course varroa mites, the debris drops between the frames and the tubes and ends up on the ground.

It is claimed that trials in the Paris area of France over the past 6 years with this type of floor have kept hives healthy and virtually varroa free without any chemical, biological or manipulative controls.

Further advantages of course are the elimination of annual floor cleaning, good insulation properties of the plastic tubes yet allowing excellent ventilation.

Made in Western Red Cedar. Assembled Only.