Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive

Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive
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David Heaf   UK    104 pages   Softback

Keeping bees in a more natural way is growing in popularity throughout the world. Older hive designs are being reappraised, and methods that have been used for over a century are being questioned.

The People’s Hive of Abbe Warre (1867-1951) is one of the older designs that beekeepers find particularly attractive. Several commercial honey producers have already adapted it to fit their needs. Warre’s one size box with topbars, natural comb and insulating quilt, create ideal conditions for colony vitality and survival, as well as reducing consumption of honey stores in winter. The hive is now used worldwide in climates ranging from the tropics to the taiga.

This inspiring, practical, clearly laid out book contains everything you need to know in order to build and run a Warre hive. Topics include tools, siting, obtaining and hiving bees, monitoring, feeding, wintering, enlarging the hive, harvesting and extracting honey with simple kitchen equipment. An ideal book for the aspiring natural beekeeper.

David Heaf has a Ph.D in biochemistry.  After a career in research he started beekeeping in 2003 with National hives.  In 2007 he populated his first Warre hive.