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East Lothian - Full Day Introduction to Beekeeping Course

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Date: May 27, 2018

Venue: Colstoun Cookery School

Contact: Alison Henderson

Telephone: 01620 822922

Time: 12:00 am


Event Details:

Full Day Introduction to Beekeeping Course, East Lothian

Fun and relaxed one day course. Try your hand at beekeeping!

Learn how to remove the honey crop from the hive A must for nature lovers This is the perfect one day course for nature lovers and those interested in taking up beekeeping!

Upon arrival you will be welcomed to the beautiful Colstoun Estate. You’ll then join Brian Poole, Colstoun’s beekeeper, as he runs through what you will do on this relaxed one day course.

Recently there has been a huge increase in the craft of beekeeping and the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment. On this introductory course you’ll be introduced to the life and management of a beehive and what is needed when handling bees and the skills to remove the honey crop from the hive.

During the day you’ll learn about the lifecycle of the bee and how to keep them healthy, the different types and components of the beehive and the importance of the environment and what plants and trees you’d need for hives and apiaries. The beekeeper will also explain about the beekeeping calendar and what to do for swarm control; colony increase and preparation for the winter season and the removal of the honey crop.

There is also the opportunity to get  ‘hands-on’ in the practical session of the course out at the apiary. Protective clothing is provided and you will also be shown what tools are required as well as how to keep your own and the bees safety.  There will be refreshments, tea and coffee, available throughout the day and you’ll have a break to enjoy a light lunch.

Colstoun House Cookery School

Located just 30 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh in the middle of beautiful East Lothian countryside. Colstoun has it’s own walled garden and organic farm. Lessons take place in a relaxed, country cottage environment with the practical session out in the apiary.

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