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Lincolnshire - Beekeeping for Beginners Workshop

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Date: Jul 14, 2018

Venue: Elm Farm, Six Score Road, Langtoft

Contact: Jez Rose

Telephone: 01778487924

Time: 10:00 am


Event Details:

If you've ever wanted to keep bees, there's no better time to begin!

Whether you're keen to learn everything you need to know to get you started in hobby beekeeping, or simply extremely interested in the idea of keeping bees, this 1-day fun and interactive workshop will teach you the fascinating secrets of the honeybee and how to care for and keep bees in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Our Bee Keeping for Beginners workshop is lots of fun and packed full of all the essential information to leave you confident about one of the most enjoyable (and oldest!) past times.

We'll have organic tea, coffee and refreshments ready for when you arrive and after a quick opportunity to say hello to your fellow workshop students, it's time for the fun to begin!...

THE BEE BASICS: our day begins in the barn, getting to know about the honeybee, specifically the species we keep here on the farm and their fascinating history. You'll learn basic bee biology and all about how bee colonies work.

BEEKEEPER: find out about and try for yourself the equipment bee keepers use to care for their colonies and discover the many different types of bee hives and their different uses. You'll learn about the lifecycle of a colony, disease prevention and caring for bees and of course how to harvest honey and which plants help support the honeybee population.

DISCOVER how honey is made and taste the different types of honey from different pollen sources

THE BEES KNEES: it's time to try on your bee suit and meet our bees. We'll provide everything you need and teach you how to open the hive, recognise the different types of bee (including how to spot the queen!) and explain what they are doing in different parts of the hive.

TOUR the garden to see the bees at work pollinating. We'll explain how and why we have planted the way we have here at the farm with bees and pollinators in mind. Then it's time to get back to the hive to put everything we've learnt together.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get practical advice on keeping bees, too.

This workshop is taught by Jez:

Jez heads up Bees for Business who install and maintain honeybee hives for businesses across England, offering a unique way for businesses to make a real and positive environmental impact for corporate social responsibility programmes. They also supply some of the finest artisan honey products to the most recognisable and iconic brands through their honey label, Bees & Co. Jez is an ethical beekeeper, passionate about encouraging more people to discover the rewarding and beneficial hobby of beekeeping. He has been privileged to have learnt from some of the most renowned bee farmers and as well as being an artisan beekeeper, is invited to talk worldwide on honeybees and beekeeping. 


We'll provide you with everything you need, including unlimited organic refreshments, a pizza lunch cooked in our outdoor, wood-fired pizza oven and bee keeping suits for the day. You'll leave with plenty of notes and resources, including a packet of free bee-friendly wild flower seeds and courtesy of BJ Sherriff, the leading supplier of beekeeping clothing, an exclusive 25% discount code for anything in their online store from beekeeper suits, gloves and equipment, too. Bring a pair of wellies or sturdy boots.

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