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Denbighshire - Introduction to Beekeeping

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Date: Apr 28, 2018

Venue: Woodland skills centre, Bodfari, Denbighshire

Contact: Rod Waterfield

Telephone: 01745 710 626

Time: 10:00 am


Event Details:

This course is aimed at people who are considering taking up beekeeping or wanting to learn more about bees.

An intensive weekend course aims to provide a background into practical beekeeping and two afternoon sessions with the bees.

It is designed to enable people to decide whether to pursue beekeeping and will give you the necessary information to take it further.

Learn the basics of beekeeping including hive construction and siting, where to get bees and the equipment needed;

Discover the importance and benefits of bees in the environment.

The course is run by Jonathan Garratt, a lifelong beekeeper and currently a Seasonal Bee Inspector.

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