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L297 to L410

Available in four sizes.  These labels have a matt finish (large labels have a semi-gloss finish) and are printed on flat sheets.

Size Width (mm) Height (mm)
Large 81 51
Medium 63.5 46.6
Small 63.5 38.1
Tiny 38.1 21.2

The labels on the following pages are only a representation of the type of wording that could appear and are only as an example. We can change the wording to meet your individual requirements.

When entering your text please complete all the fields you require, including the weight, the word 'Honey' (or alternative) and all other information. Please still enter this information even if the details you require are shown in the example label.

Labels can be bought in multiples of 100 (apart from tiny labels where the minimum quantity is 250).  There are significant price reductions for over 250, 500 or 1000 labels.  To qualify for the reduction the labels must all the be overprinted with the same information. Click label for more details.

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