Uncapping Trays & Machines

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Wax/Honey Separator - New Design - Introductory Offer
A square stainless steel container which will hold approximately 3-4 kgs. Place under the uncappi..
Price: £35.00
Ex VAT: £29.17
Bucket Bar
A simple way to stablise your frames during uncapping. Place over a 30lb bucket and place the..
Price: £2.00
Ex VAT: £1.67
Compact Uncapping Tray
Budget uncapping tray and frame holder.  Holds two frames with a seperate bottom tray. ..
Price: £35.00
Ex VAT: £29.17
Cold Uncapping Tray and Frame Holder
A large capacity unheated double tray in high density polyethylene with 1 1/2" nylon valve fitted..
Price: £117.60
Ex VAT: £98.00
Cold Uncapping Tray Cover
A sturdy cover for our cold uncapping trays.  Made from 10mm correx with redwood locating ba..
Price: £12.60
Ex VAT: £10.50
Standard Uncapping Tray Stainless Steel
Our standard electric uncapping tray is a water-jacketed tank which quickly melts the honey and c..
Price: £294.00
Ex VAT: £245.00
Thermostatic Uncapping Tray Stainless Steel
Standard uncapping tray fitted with a thermostat which accurately controls the temperature of the..
Price: £420.00
Ex VAT: £350.00
Retro fit thermostat to uncapping tray
We can retro fit a thermostat to your existing uncapping tray. Contact us for more details. ..
Price: £126.00
Ex VAT: £105.00
Uncapping Tray Element & Lead
Spare element and lead for the uncapping tray or steam wax extractor. ..
Price: £36.77
Ex VAT: £30.64
Large Uncapping Tray Grid Only
Grid only for our standard uncapping tray. ..
Price: £26.24
Ex VAT: £21.87
Hamilton Controller
This electric device will give you that little bit of control you might need for running a steam ..
Price: £53.50
Ex VAT: £44.58
Cappings Melter and Honey Liquefier
All stainless steel construction. This melter has a powerful 200W thermostatically controlled hea..
Price: £1,236.00
Ex VAT: £1,030.00
Mini Tetra
Suitable for a beekeeper with 10 hives. This very simple yet efficient machine allows you to unca..
Price: £2,060.00
Ex VAT: £1,716.67
Tetra Plus
A larger version of the "Mini Tetra". Electris extractor powered by a 70w motor. This machine wil..
Price: £3,708.00
Ex VAT: £3,090.00
Universal Uncapping Tank
A large stainless steel tank mounted on legs. 820mm high, 1050mm long and 480mm wide. Complete wi..
Price: £850.00
Ex VAT: £708.33