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Honey Tipper

Honey Tipper
Honey Tipper Honey Tipper Honey Tipper
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This clever device will greatly assist honey bottling for the hobby beekeeper.

It is recommended for plastic or stainless steel bottling tanks between 300mm and 350mm diameter and a maximum height of 700mm. Suitable, therefore, for tanks holding between 25kgs and 75kgs of honey. Minimum quantity required to depress the spring is 15kgs.

With the steel pin in position place your tank on the plywood base and pour in your honey. Depress the base slightly with the palm of your hand and remove the steel pin. Begin bottling your honey.

As the tank empties the powerful spring is activated and slowly tips up the bottling tank ensuring maximum pressure on the outlet for rapid filling and draining of contents without the need for blocks, wedges or scrapers. The base will incline to approximately 30 degrees until it reaches the plywood stop.

The vessel retaining pins in the front of the board can be adjusted to suit your container.

NOTE: Bottling tanks over 700mm high and full of honey will be unstable on the board and could topple over.


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