Honey Warming & Processing

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Pedestal Heater
A  220mm diameter heater (250W) which quickly and simply liquefies tubs of crystallised hone..
Price: £360.00
Ex VAT: £300.00
Konigin 200kg Heated Stainless Steel Honey Tank (TT-F-200) - choose Delivery (£1020.30) or Collection (£960.30)
Holds 200kg of honey.  Heated Sloping base. Water Jacketed. Stainless ..
Price: £1,020.30
Ex VAT: £850.25
Coiled Heater
350w thermostatically controlled heater, shaped to hang over side of container, can be used with ..
Price: £130.00
Ex VAT: £108.33
Stand Support & Strainer for Coil Heater
Tripod stand, micron rated cloth (200) and stainless steel support cone for use with the coiled h..
Price: £75.00
Ex VAT: £62.50
Mini Honey Liquefier
An inexpensive heater for melting set honey stored in buckets of up to 10kgs capacity. Power outp..
Price: £96.00
Ex VAT: £80.00
Honey Warming Kit
To manufacture your own cabinet, we can supply a complete electrical kit with full fitting instru..
Price: £97.00
Ex VAT: £80.83
Heating Cable
Thermostatically controlled, 8 metres in length with capillary probe. Suitable for wrapping a..
Price: £250.00
Ex VAT: £208.33
Nassenheider 'Fill-up'
Small and efficient bottling unit of modular design. Suitable for creamed and liquid honey. Fully..
Price: £2,520.00
Ex VAT: £2,100.00
Melitherm System
This heating and melting system is probably one of the most efficient on the market today. It wil..
Price: £960.00
Ex VAT: £800.00
Thomas Mixer
This mixer is fitted to a 100kg honey tank (included). The single speed 370w motor revolves at 35..
Price: £1,600.00
Ex VAT: £1,333.33
Cleanomel Clarifier
This small settling tank is designed to fit under the outlet of your honey extractor. The tank is..
Price: £973.75
Ex VAT: £811.46
60w bayonet fitting bulb
We have large stocks of this type and power of light bulb.  Suitable for older style warming..
Price: £2.50
Ex VAT: £2.08
Konigin Wax Melter and Centrifuge (VC-Z-51-230) - choose Delivery (£1490) or Collection (£1430)
3250w steam heated wax melter. Substantially made in 304 grade stainless steel with heavy..
Price: £1,490.00
Ex VAT: £1,241.67
Konigin 50kg Creamer (KREM-50-F) - choose Delivery (£1677) or Collection (£1617)
50 kg heated creamer 1300w heating element for water jacket 40:1 variable speed gea..
Price: £1,677.00
Ex VAT: £1,397.50
Konigin 100kg Mixer- choose Delivery (£1160) or Collection (£1100)
This mixer is fitted to a 100kg honey tank (included). ..
Price: £1,160.00
Ex VAT: £966.67