Honey Warming & Processing

For information on creaming and seeding your honey click here.

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10 litre hopper for Swienty Table Top Filling Machine
Hopper for Swienty Table Top Filling Station. 10 litre. For more information click here ..
Price: £280.08
Ex VAT: £233.40
Swienty Table Top Filling Station
Superb, quality made equipment from Swienty in Denmark. This filling station is ideal for the..
Price: £2,600.00
Ex VAT: £2,166.67
Warming Cabinet with Thermostat
This thermostatically controlled cabinet holds two 30lb buckets on wooden battens. Heat is pro..
Price: £235.00
Ex VAT: £195.83
Honey Creamer
Only clean with a mild detergent or soda crystals, never in the dishwasher, otherwise the alumini..
Price: £25.00
Ex VAT: £20.83
Baby Bottler (Stainless Steel)
Made in Germany, this versatile appliance will be invaluable to beekeepers and candle makers alik..
Price: £360.00
Ex VAT: £300.00
Spiral Mixer
This stainless steel mixer is suitable for heavy-duty electric drills. 10mm shaft, 650mm long wit..
Price: £40.00 £25.00
Ex VAT: £20.83
Bespoke Honey Warming Kit
If you are considering a large cabinet or are converting a redundant fridge or freezer, we can al..
Price: £360.00
Ex VAT: £300.00
Corkscrew Mixer
Stainless steel spiral mixer to fit it to an electric drill. Overall length 27", diameter..
Price: £25.00
Ex VAT: £20.83
Honey Tipper
This clever device will greatly assist honey bottling for the hobby beekeeper. It is recommen..
Price: £46.00
Ex VAT: £38.33
Smart Weighing and Filling Machine
This pneumatic filling unit is incredible value for money. The hopper will hold 30+kgs and gr..
Price: £595.00
Ex VAT: £495.83
Compressor for smart weighing machine
A small, quiet compressor.  Ideal for use with our smart weighing machine. ..
Price: £75.00
Ex VAT: £62.50
Honey Spatula
Flexible and strong plastic spatula for clearing/cleaning remnants of liquid honey from buckets a..
Price: £3.00
Ex VAT: £2.50
Honey Trowel
Use this tool to break up and transfer granulated honey. 2mm thick, slightly curved blade with ho..
Price: £22.00
Ex VAT: £18.33
Konigin 100kg Heated Stainless Steel Honey Tank (TT-F-100) - choose Delivery (£918) or Collection (£858)
Holds 100kg of honey.  Heated Sloping base. Water Jacketed. Stainless ..
Price: £918.00
Ex VAT: £765.00
Honey Spade
For breaking up and transferring honey in deep containers. All stainless steel construction, 2mm ..
Price: £40.00
Ex VAT: £33.33