Bati Stand and Tank Only, COLLECTED OR DELIVERED

Bati Stand and Tank Only, COLLECTED OR DELIVERED
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Size (L x W x H): 670.00mm x 670.00mm x 750.00mm
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Stand and tank only for the Bati Press.  Press must be purchased separately.

A new extractor from Thomas Apiculture, France. Patented and made in 304L stainless steel. A simple and effective solution to extract honey from raw combs or from top bar hive combs, or use for Heather honey.

Place the combs vertically in the fixed cage. Turn the handle to compress the combs from top to bottom. The cappings and honey are extracted and can be immediately strained. This technique differs from the normal rough comb crushing because the perpendicular compression of cells allows a perfect separation of honey and wax.  The pressed wax at the end of the cycle contains very little residual honey.  The extracted honey is clear.

The Bati Press can be purchased on its own or with a dedicated stand.

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