National Coverboards and Excluders

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National Bailey Board
A simple, easy to use board which makes the Bailey Frame Change technique all the more simple. ..
Price: £13.00
Ex VAT: £10.83
National/Commercial Queen Excluder with stainless steel grid
NOW WITH STAINLESS STEEL GRID - Ideal for use with MAQS or other chemical treatments. Queen e..
Price: £21.20
Ex VAT: £17.67
National Crownboard
6mm exterior top quality BIRCH plywood framed with ¼" x 7/8" cedar wood laths. Bee space one side..
Price: £15.40
Ex VAT: £12.83
Glass Quilt, All hive sizes available
Two 3mm thick glass sheets within a timber frame, glued and screwed half lapped corners. Has one ..
Price: £19.85
Ex VAT: £16.54
National Wire Queen Excluder
Queen excluders are vital pieces of beekeeping equipment and do exactly as their name implies. Th..
Price: £18.00
Ex VAT: £15.00
National Polycarbonate Quilt plain or c/w ppb esc
A crystal clear, unbreakable quilt. Made from 3mm polycarbonate, 300 times stronger than glass. (..
Price: £21.85
Ex VAT: £18.21
National Steel Queen Excluder
These vital pieces of beekeeping equipment do exactly as their name implies.  They exclude t..
Price: £6.20
Ex VAT: £5.17
Travelling Screen - All Hives
Stainless steel mesh (0.6mm wire, 8 mesh per 25mm), framed both sides with 43mm x 8mm cedar. Made..
Price: £18.50
Ex VAT: £15.42
National Canvas Quilt
National size only. A square piece of heavy canvas with a central flap for feeding. Place over th..
Price: £3.50
Ex VAT: £2.92
XP Queen Excluder
XP excluder. Made from plastic based on the Herzog excluder design with square edged holes. Natio..
Price: £4.40
Ex VAT: £3.67
XP Queen Excluder PLUS
Our XP excluder with a twist. Non-stick with a bee space on one side. Made from plastic b..
Price: £5.15
Ex VAT: £4.29
National Insulated Quilt - recycled chip foam
20mm thick insulation flexible board made from recycled chip foam. Fits snugly inside an empty su..
Price: £3.00
Ex VAT: £2.50
Rand Excluder - National Stainless Steel Queen Excluder
A slotted 304 grade stainless steel excluder with a mirror finish. Easy to clean, very strong..
Price: £8.75
Ex VAT: £7.29
Wire Excluder Cleaner - WE1
Stainless steel "comb" for simple but very effective cleaning of wire excluders, much easier than..
Price: £8.50
Ex VAT: £7.08
National Feeding Board
6mm exterior quality BIRCH plywood with 1/4" x 7/8" cedar wood laths.  Bee space on both sid..
Price: £15.40
Ex VAT: £12.83