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Layens Hive Stand

Layens Hive Stand
Layens Hive Stand Layens Hive Stand Layens Hive Stand Layens Hive Stand
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Size (L x W x H): 610.00mm x 430.00mm x 380.00mm
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Stand only for the Layens hive.  Made in attractive British cedar this stand raises the Layens hive 380mm from the floor on four sturdy splayed legs. The stand footprint is 515mm wide by 560mm deep.

Devised by French beekeeper George de Layens in the 19th century, this hive is becoming more and more popular with thousands now in use in the USA and over 1 million in Spain alone.

Layens advocated sustainable beekeeping that rested on two principles;

  1. Use local, indigenous bees.
  2. Keep them in appropriate hives that require minimal management and mimic the cavity size of a hollow tree.

With big hives, big frames and plenty of room for the queen to lay uninterrupted you should be able to minimize natural swarming, produce enough honey that the hive site will allow and build up a strong colony ready for the winter.

Our hives are made from UK grown cedar from sustainable sources. The walls are 32mm thick affording far greater insulation than the average wooden hive in use today. The hive includes 14 frames (440x340mm wide) conventionally spaced but top bars butted together at the top of the hive for added insulation.


Further reading - Keeping Bees in Horizontal Hives by George de Layens.


For more information see the article in Bee Culture