Centenary Hive

100 years ago a Wragby School master asked his friend, Edgar Henry Thorne, a local joiner and wheelwright if he could make him a beehive...............and we have been making them ever since.

To celebrate our 100 years of history we are introducing The Centenary Hive. This is based on drawings, old catalogues and anecdotal evidence of hives that Edgar  was making in 1913.

It is an 11 frame hive, taking BS national frames. Double walled front and back with an impressive porch and lapped gable roof. All parts telescope over each other so the old trick of using Vaseline smeared along all edges is a must if the boxes are to separate easily.

The hive comprises an open mesh floor on splayed legs, brood body with integral porch and entrance slides complete with 11 DN4 frmaes, two supers complete with 11 SN4 frames, crownboard with two escapes, wire excluder and gabled roof.




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