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Sulphur Burner

Sulphur Burner
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Sulphur dioxide is one of the most effective methods of controlling wax moth. It is highly volitile, not fat soluble and poses very little risk to bees, wax and honey.  When ignited the strips give off noxious sulphur dioxide, this heavier than air gas then sinks through the pile of supers and frames being treated.

A hook on the lid is used to suspend the sulphur strips centrally in the burner. The sulphur strips may have to be folded. N.B. DO NOT INHALE GAS FUMES.

How to use: Once you have your sealed stack of supers ready for treatment place an empty brood body on the top with a sulphur burner inside. Insert 2 strips and light, closing the top with a roof.  Stack supers 6 high (1 strip is enough for 3 supers). Repeat treatment every 4 weeks. Also prevents pollen going mouldy.


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