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EFB Test Kit

EFB Test Kit
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European Foulbrood (EFB) is a bacterial brood disease casued by several agents the main being the bacterium Melissococcus pluton. It occurs most frequently in the spring or early summer during brood rearing and is thought to be casued by stress in the colony and lack of pollen. Symptoms can be variable which makes EFB difficult to identify with certainty; frequently disappearing once there is nectar flow.  EFB can seriously effect brood development and needs to be identified in a colony as soon as possible.  It is vitally important to detect EFB as early as possible in order to prevent its further spread to healthy colonies. Vita's quick and effectove Diagnostic Kit, developed with Central Science Laboratory Pocket Diagnostics enables every beekeeper to test their hives at the first suspicion of the presence of EFB. The Diagnostic Kit takes just 3 minutes to give a result and has been validated with 98% accuracy. For single use only.

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