Small Hive Beetle, Foul Brood and more

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AFB Test Kit
American Foulbrood (AFB) is an infectious brood disease casued by the spore-forming bacterium Pae..
Price: £9.00
Ex VAT: £7.50
EFB Test Kit
European Foulbrood (EFB) is a bacterial brood disease casued by several agents the main being the..
Price: £9.00
Ex VAT: £7.50
Small Hive Beetle Trap
A very simple yet effective device for trapping small hive beetle (Aethina tumida). This pest, ..
Price: £1.50
Ex VAT: £1.25
Beetle Blaster - Regular or Nuc Size
2/3 fill the Blaster reservoir with vegetable oil and fit inbetween top bars of frames. Beetles a..
Price: £3.00
Ex VAT: £2.50
Honey Bee Disease Identification Cards
A really handy disease identification tool. A set of 11 double sided reference cards showing ..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £5.00