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Olea P, 100ml
Olea P is an all natural Olive Oil byproduct obtained from filtering the waste pulp from olive oi..
Price: £10.00
Ex VAT: £8.33
VitaFeed Nutri, 500g, EXPIRES APRIL 2020
VitaFeed Nutri is a protein-rich feed that boosts honey bee health, increases broo..
Price: £25.99
Ex VAT: £21.66
Nektapoll, Best before March 2020
Nektapoll is a ready-to-feed pollen substitute/fructose syrup patty. Use from early March to stim..
Price: £8.00
Ex VAT: £8.00
Apifit, 200ml or 500ml
Apifit is used to strengthen colonies during the spring or as a feed supplement in the summer dur..
Price: £8.50
Ex VAT: £7.08
Bee Strong, 250ml
Bee Strong is a bee feed that contains purified proteins.  These proteins have been proven t..
Price: £25.00
Ex VAT: £20.83
Nozevit +, 50ml or 200ml or 500ml or 1000ml
This improved formula Nozvit contains vitamins, essential oils and citric acid. Bees are noticeab..
Price: £14.00
Ex VAT: £11.67
Hive Alive - Colony Protection - Naturally, 100ml and 500ml
Stronger, more productive colonies Promotes intestinal well-being Proven long-ter..
Price: £16.50
Ex VAT: £13.75